We Did It !

We reached our goal of $2 million. Thanks to you we can continue our mission of preservation.




WE DID IT!  -  Join Us in Our Second Century of Stewardship


We successfully raised $2 million to continue to our mission of preservation and education. Funds for these three critical objectives will enable us to protect, preserve and prepare for the future.



In the 100 years since Historical Hall was saved, the Bedford Historical Society has acquired seven additional threatened historic properties to ensure their preservation for future generations. In addition, the Historical Society is the steward of the 1787 Court House and the Sutton Clock and Tower. With this fund we will be financially prepared to protect additional historic properties from the threat of inappropriate development, neglect or demolition.



The cost of preservation is high. As the guardians of ten historic properties, we strive to meet exacting standards of historic preservation and financial responsibility. Our savings have been depleted by several recent major restoration projects and our annual income is insufficient to replenish them. This fund will address significant preservation and restoration projects in the immediate future including replacing Historical Hall’s deteriorated cedar roof and restoring the Lounsbery Building’s wood porch, railing and column.


ENDOWMENT: $500,000

We must reach beyond membership income and fundraisers to strengthen the Bedford Historical Society’s financial base and build an endowment. This fund will ensure that the Bedford Historical Society has adequate resources in our second century of stewardship to bring these beloved buildings to life and by so doing, illuminate and inspire future generations.