While the Historical Society was founded to preserve one building, we believe it is the people and stories behind these structures that continue to give them relevance.




The Future - Challenges for the Next 100 Years

We must strengthen the Society’s financial base by reaching beyond annual membership and/or fundraisers to build an endowment fund. The fund will ensure that there are adequate resources to maintain, protect and continue to build our collections, and to help fund new programs for residents, students and visitors. This critical first step will grow into an increasingly valuable part of the Historical Society which will educate the next generation of preservationists.


The Bedford Historical Society Will:

  • Celebrate and cultivate interest in the history of the Town of Bedford
  • Identify, document and maintain buildings, monuments and natural landscapes of historical significance to the Town
  • Procure, preserve and interpret objects, artifacts, documents and images relating to the natural, literary, artistic and civil history of the Town
  • Provide access to the buildings and collections for research, education and enjoyment through museum and temporary exhibits, events, educational programs and community initiatives
  • Work in partnership with the Town and local organizations to further the welfare and preservation of the historic character of the community