“The Bedford Historical Society does not just
recommend preservation – it practices preservation
on a grand scale and on a daily basis.”

Linda de Menocal,
past President




The Past - a 100 Year Tradition of Preservation

Since our founding, the Bedford Historical Society has actively pursued its mission of preservation by acquiring, restoring and preserving the buildings and landmarks that define Bedford Village and the larger community. The Village Green, the Old Burying Ground and many of the surrounding roads remain substantially as they were originally laid out in 1681. The Village has retained a remarkably consistent ratio of residential, municipal, service and commercial properties since the early 18th century.


Missed Preservation Opportunities
There are letters and documents from 1963 in our archives relating to the old Hotel which was on the property next to The Bedford Store and Old Burying Ground. There was discussion of saving and restoring the building but a lack of funds resulted in the end of the quest. The property was sub-divided, the hotel was torn down and an office building was built in its place. On the adjacent property sits another new building which is seldom open and is isolated behind its parking area.

The Empire Building property was another missed opportunity. When it came up for sale years ago, there were talks of the Historical Society purchasing the building and moving Mrs. Glasser’s house to the then vacant lot next to the arcade with parking behind. Unfortunately the property changed hands before anyone could say “Wait!” With a Property Preservation & Acquisition Fund, the Historical Society can be proactive when opportunities become available.