“We owe so much to the Bedford Historical Society; with no outside funding they preserve the character of Bedford and keep it special for
all of us.”

Skip & Michaela Beitzel, Members 15 years




The Present - How the Historical Society is Relevant Today

We do not receive funding from Town, State or Federal sources. We have relied on our members and the leadership from our Board of Directors to accomplish our mission since 1916. We offer numerous educational programs for students and the community as they are the greatest tools we have to preserve Bedford’s past for the generations to come.


How the Bedford Historical Society Serves the Community Today

  • The Bedford Historical Society owns and preserves seven historic buildings around the Village Green and we maintain two buildings for the benefit of the Town
  • The Society was instrumental in creating the Bedford Village Historic District and listing it on the New York State and the National Register of Historic Places. We continue to work with the Town to ensure the Village retains its historic character
  • Our members initiated the fundraising for, and purchase of, the two acres protecting the Bedford Oak. We protect 95 acres with four conservation easements
  • We work in partnership with, and are a resource for, the Town, community and other organizations. Along with the Library, we also serve as the unofficial visitors center
  • We preserve and exhibit collections of artifacts, documents and photographs at museums at the 1787 Court House, the 1829 School House and The Bedford Store
  • The Society provides educational programs and tours for students and adults
  • We promote and celebrate our history and architecture through our publications, community events and programs
  • We are a proactive member of the community and contribute to the vitality of Bedford