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Bedford Oak – c. 1500

corner of The Hook Road & Cantitoe Street
At the corner of The Hook Road and the old Bedford Road (now Cantitoe Street) stands a majestic and venerable white oak tree, "Quercus alba". It is estimated to be over 500 years old, its girth is more than 30 feet, and the spread of its branches is 120 feet from tip to tip. From the days when Bedford was Indian Territory, through the Revolutionary War and to the present, this noble tree has seen much history.

In 1942 Harold Whitman deeded the ground on which the tree stands to the Town of Bedford, in memory of his wife, Georgia Squires Whitman. Then in 1977, 30 acres of land bordering the great tree were sold to a developer. Concerned about encroaching development, the residents of Bedford quickly raised the funds to buy two acres to protect the tree and give it breathing space.

The land, along with the money remaining in the fund, was donated to the Historical Society. The Historical Society is pledged to take care of the oak - a living monument and cherished symbol to the community. 

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