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Sutton Clock Tower

corner of Guard Hill & Succabone Roads
At the comer of Guard Hill and Succabone Roads stands a tall, handsome brick tower which is a landmark and a source of joy and some amusement to the people of Bedford.

In the late 1880s, when the Sutton family moved to their country home in Bedford, Mrs. Sutton was homesick for New York City, particularly the sound of the city's church bells. To please his wife, Mr. Sutton installed in his barn’s cupola a huge clock, an E. Howard time and strike model with a 550-pound bell. The barn burned down but the clock and bell were rescued and in 1939 a group of neighbors raised $3000 to build a tower to house the clock. They then donated the tower to the Town of Bedford.

Since 1985, the Historical Society has leased the tower and maintains the clock. A small group of neighbors, known as the Clock Winders, takes turns winding the clock, which is accurate to this day as the chimes ring the hours across the surrounding fields and meadows.

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